18 12 2011

So on Thursday I stopped by the Hackathon and I have to say, I really enjoyed the atmosphere it created.  It really allowed for solid work to be done and they provided fuel to keep us going in the form of delicious pizza and soda.  I will definitely be attending the 2nd one that occurs in week 8 and look forward to the benefits it brings with it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful break, and I look forward to continuing class in January!



5 12 2011

After a very troublesome start, I was finally able to get everything working for homework 1.  I found myself struggling to figure out exactly what to do and having to jump from one tutorial to another was really annoying.

Oh well, It works from what I can see and everything is done, so I call that a success!

See you all at class tomorrow!


29 11 2011

Well this class surely looks to be something that I’m going to enjoy.  It has everything I look for in a class, and we’re going to be making games so that’s always fun!

I’ll be posting here weekly about my adventures in FLOSS development, and will hopefully soar through all 11 weeks with minimal problems!

Stick around.