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4 02 2012

The project as it stands now is at a stage where you can play around with the paddles and collide with the puck.  The controls are strictly mouse and keyboard, until of course, the Kinect stuff is added.

To get to this current point, the project began merely as pictures drawn to the screen.  I created the assets for the game, including both paddles, the puck and the entire game screen (the rink).  After making sure everything was properly drawing to the screen, I added the movement mechanics corresponding to the mouse.  This means that on the right side of the screen, if the mouse is clicked, then the paddle moves to that position and the player is now in control.  Lorin added the keyboard checks for the left side, and at that point we had movement of both paddles.

After that, a couple of days later, I began work on the collision detection.  I started simple, by preventing the paddle and puck from leaving the screen.  This was accomplished with simple out of bounds checks, and preventing the puck/paddles from moving further in that direction.  After that, I began implementation on the collision between the paddles and the puck.  And at the moment, collision works but is rather wonky.  Colliding with the right side of either of the paddles, results in normal collision resolution, however, when the puck collides with the left side of the paddles, it gets sucked into the paddle and spit out the other side rather weirdly.

That brings the project up to where it is now, and from there the Kinect will be added for a single hand initially, and collisions will be refined to properly be resolved.  Overall I think the project is at a solid point and from here should make solid progress.




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