Playtests, Teams and a Small Plug

20 01 2012

So over the past week… or maybe it was 2 weeks, whatever.  Either way, we have been paper prototyping our game ideas, and deciding whose will be taken to the next level.  I really enjoyed playing a lot of the games that people came up with, and I was glad to see that Gold Rush and the Robocode game were chosen.  They both seem like they will play well and they’re definitely of totally different genres.  Surprisingly my game was chosen as well, the whole light/laser based puzzle game that will most likely be geared towards the STEM challenge and hopefully come out pretty well!

I’m definitely looking forward to working with Remy and Lorin, and I think it’s a solid team to bring this game to life.  I’m looking forward to the coming weeks of hard work and hopefully solid progress.

Mainly however, what has brought me to write this post has nothing to with my game or the other two chosen, but is more related to the whole Achievements/Badge system idea.  I was browsing Joystiq and came across this solid tidbit of info: Here

(More info and download here)

In a nutshell, it adds achievements to Visual Studio so as you code and mess around in VS, you unlock badges.  I will probably be adding it to every machine I use so I can get achievements everywhere I’m coding.  Some of the examples are things like “Regional Manager” which is to have more than 10 region tags in your code, and “Interrupting Cow” which requires you to have 10 breakpoints in one file.

Overall I think it’s a cool idea and I’m definitely on board.




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22 01 2012

joystiq looks awesome!

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